• Cincinnati, 20 Novembre 1971

    Taft Auditorium, University of Cincinnati, CINCINNATI, Ohio, Usa

    The Embryo - Set the controls for the heart of the Sun - Fat Old Sun - Atom Heart Mother
    Careful With that Axe, Eugene - Cymbaline - Echoes - Blues

    rw ; One two. Good, and this is the first number an'it's called ' the embryo
     - the embryo / set the controls for the heart of the sun
    ( audience ; Yo ! )
     - fat old sun - atom heart mother - careful with that axe, eugene
    ( audience ; Yeah ! )

    rw ; this next thing is a song from the soundtrack of a movie almost
    certainly haven't seen called More an it's called cymbaline

     - cymbaline
    rw ; this is the last piece we're going to play an ' it's called echoes, and thank you all very much for coming... tonight.
     - echoes
    rw ;.....gig of out tout, we've been over here for five weeks, now I'm glad we've finished here ' cos it's been good fun, tonight, really, so....this erm....encore has really got nothing to do with us.

    rw ; " Roger Waters " 

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