• Hannover, 15 Mars 1970


    Niedersachsenhalle, Hannover, West Germany

    Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun - Careful with that axe, Eugene - Cymbaline
    A Saucerful of Secrets - The Embryo - Interstellar Overdrive - The Amazing Pudding

     - set the controls....
    rw ; Thank you. This next number appears on the live half of our album Ummagumma,
    it's called careful....

     - careful with that axe, eugene
    rw ; Thank you. A song that we recorded for a french film MORE...
     - cymbaline
    rw ; Thank you. We're going to finish the first half now with a number, with the title
    track of the album ' a saucerful of secrets '

     - a saucerful of secrets
    rw ; We'll be back soon.....
     - the embryo
    rw ; Fine. This is called ' interstellar.....
     - interstellar overdrive
    rw ; Thank. This next thing is going to be the thing we do and it's, erm, it's something we're recordind
    at the moment for our next LP and consequently..........

     - the amazing pudding

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