• Berlin, 13 Mars 1970


    Konzert Saal, Technische Universotat, West Berlin, West Germany 

    Astronomy Domine - Careful with that axe, Eugene - Cymbaline - A Saucerful of secrets
    The Embryo - Interstellar Overcrive - Set the controls for the heart of the Sun
    Atom Heart Mother - Blues

    rw ; OK. This is called astronomy domine
     - astronomy domine
    rw ; Thank you.... off our last LP Ummagumma and it's called careful...
     - careful with that axe, eugene
    rw ; Thank you... this is a song we recorded for a french film called MORE an it's called cymbaline
     - cymbaline
    Thank you
     - a saucerful of secrets
    rw ; .....another new song and it's about an embryo
     - the embryo
    rw ; Thank you....This is another instrumental number an it's of the first LP we made an it's called interstellar
     - interstellar overdrive
    rw ; Thank you..... This is another song.. it's called set the controls...
     - set the controls for the heart of the sun
    rw ; ... and it's gonna be...and it's, and....an it's.....and it's gonna be on our next album.
    Are you nearly ready, Rick ? Richard ? RICHARD ?!...Richard....are you ready ? You ready ?!
    Rick. Richard. Richard .Richard. are you ready ?! . OK.

     - the amazing pudding
    Thank you
     - blues

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